Saturday, April 05, 2008

schedule at RailsConf 2008

Today I am going through the program and session information at RailsConf and figuring out what I'll be attending Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, May 29 thru June 1st.

7:30 a.m : Continental Breakfast - Exhibit Hall E
8:30am-12:00pm - Design for Developers - A Hands-On Workshop
1:30-5:00pm - Powering AIR Applications with Rails
7:30pm - ? - Birds of a feather sessions

8:00 a.m.: Continental Breakfast - Exhibit Hall E
9:00 -10:15am - Plenary TBC
10:45-11:35am (BR: 251) - Entrepreneurs On Rails (Dan Benjamin, Rails Machine)
alternate: (BR: 252) IronRuby on Rails (John Lam)

11:45-12:35pm (BR: 255) - Hosting and the Woes (Ezra Zygmuntowicz, et al)
alt: (BR: 256) - Faster, Better, ORM with DataMapper (Yehuda Katz)

1:50-2:40pm (BR:255) - Facebook Development and Performance with Rails (Mike Mangino)
alt: (BR:252) - CRUD doesn't have an 'S' in it: Managing complex searching in Rails

2:50-3:40pm (BR:255) - The Profitable Programmer: Creating Successful Side Projects (Geoff Grosenbach of the Seattle.rb!, et al)
alt: (BR:252) - Design Patterns in Ruby (Neal Ford)

4:25-5:15 (BR:255) - Custom Nginx Modules: Accelerate Rails, HTTP Tricks
alt: (BR: 256) - UI Design on Rails (Ryan Singer)


8:00 a.m.: Continental Breakfast - Exhibit Hall E
9:00 -10:15am - Keynote

10:45-11:35am (BR:252) - Using Git to Manage and Deploy Rails Apps (Scott Chacon)
atl: (BR:251) - Optimizing Rails (Koziarski)

11:45-12:35pm (BR: 252) - Advanced RESTful Rails (Ben Scofield)
alt: (BR:251) - Scaling Rails

1:50-2:40pm (BR:252) - Fast, Sexy, and Svelte: Our Kind of Rails Testing (Thoughtworks)
alt: (BR:251) - Build Your Own Distributed, Self-Configuring Rails Cluster

2:50-3:40pm (BR:251) - Flexible Scaling: How to Handle 1 Billion PageViews (Murphy)
alt: (BR:252) - Integration Testing with RSpec's Stor Runner (Chelimsky)

4:25-5:15pm (BR:252) - The Great Test Framework Dance-Off (Susser)
alt: (BR: ) - Metaprogramming and Ruby Internals for Rails Programmers (Farley)

7:30pm - ? - Birds of a feather sessions


8:00 a.m.: Continental Breakfast - Exhibit Hall E
9:00 -10:15am - Keynote

10:45-11:35am (BR: 252) - Scaling Ruby from the Inside Out (Zygmuntowicz)
alt: (BR: 256) - Advanced Mongrel: Handlers and Plugins (Lindenbaum)

11:45-12:35pm (BR: 251) - Everyday DTrace on OSX: A Guide to Using DTRace for your full Application Stack (Barron, Humphrise)
alt: (BR:252) - Genomes on Rails (Wood)

1:50-2:40pm (BR:252 ) - Advanced Active Record Techniques: Best Practice Refactoring (Chad Pytel)
alt: (BR: 256) - ActiveRecord Associations and the Proxy Pattern

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