Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rails 2.0.2 running on Ruby 1.9

There are many exciting happenings in the Ruby world. It will be interesting to take some of it in at the end of the month at RailsConf in Portland.

There's an eye on the future with Rubinius which is incredibly exciting and promising -- you should take a look too, and at least understand that team's ambitious and very worthy goal. You've probably read the recent happenings here and here -- its great to see all the low-level discussions being bubbled up, and especially great to see the endeavors or running Ruby 'everywhere' being pursued. My personal summarized commentary: the JVM is a great piece of architecture, but i and many others want the opportunity someday to hack the the VM with Ruby, not C nor Java. It's as simple as that.

Meanwhile though, and the point of this post, is while we all have an eye on the future, don't forget about the present. I am most looking forward to Rails running on top of Ruby 1.9 (YARV). The benchmarks I have seen and fiddled with myself show a significant performance boost!

Now... when will Rails run on top of Ruby 1.9?

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