Sunday, August 08, 2010

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

iPad morning

...took these pics at 9 a.m. in suburbia, Washington. A buddy and I headed out to the Apple store, the line was around the block for *reserved* iPads. Many of these people had undoubtedly never seen or touched one, but were buying one. There was a separate line for unreserved. A handful of police on hand to keep the peace.

Amazing brand to compel surburban-ites out of their homes on an early weekend morning, in the 39 degree weather to wait for a product they have only heard about and seen videos about. What else has had that kind of reception? The Kindle was sold out for months online. I can only think of concerts and celebrity viewings as comparing. There is nothing like it in nerd world. What would you compare it to?

Tim and I turned around almost immediately, hopped in the car and drove to BestBuy (well, BB opened at 10, so on the way stopped at Trader Joe's, as my buddy recommended a 6-pack of Hofbrau Bock to each take home). No lines at BestBuy.

imo the iPad fits as a machine for the living room, while you're horsing around with family/friends, but don't want to sit there with a laptop ...for emails, looking up items during games, remote, tv guide, Facebooking, Twitter, EyeOnMajors... also for travel. eBook reader looks nice, but personally prefer the reflective/natural light Kindle. It's not as comfortable as a laptop for typing, for example, and I wouldn't want the iPad as a laptop replacement.

A very cool device. ...but such a carefully crafted, and remarkably well-received brand.