Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amazon MP3 Music Downloads - DRM free

Heard about this yesterday in my weekly Ruby class … looked into it last night… Amazon’s music service

better than iTunes -- DRM free .mp3’s. Copy and play with impunity once you buy. As many computers as you want. Unlike iTunes which has the 5 computer limit (lame). Amazon also has a little downloader that automatically sucks the .mp3 files into your iTunes so you can still organize and play the files via iTunes like you’re used to, still put them on your iPod, etc etc. (it even includes the cover art in your iTunes). They did a great job.

Killer app and model. Hat’s off to them, well done. This is what people want. DRM-free. I’m in.

“Songs from Amazon MP3 can be played on any MP3-capable device, including iPods™, Zunes™, Zens™, iPhones™, RAZRs™, and BlackBerrys™. Our files are free of digital rights management (DRM) software, so you can burn your songs to CDs, play them on all your computers, and transfer them to all your devices. Songs are encoded at 256 kbps (learn more), which means you get high audio quality at a manageable file size.”


sal said...

I totally agree with this in principle but some of my Amazon mp3's are skipping...not sure why...

Tomy said...

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