Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Joyent's Cloud offering is enticing

…ZFS… Zpool… Solaris…. Zones……………Joyent is capitalizing on all of it… my Ruby amigos keep me informed (thanks Riggs!)… some of the Joyent plans look sweet, and they also have the ability to more readily hardware load balance (if the need arises eventually), static IP (dynamic IP only with EC2)… non-stateless deployments (EC2 deployments are stateless and a bit patchy having to hook into S3), … Joyent runs all of this off Sun Solaris (lover and dear friend of open source). Can also vertically scale a bit easier if the database needs it.

This might be the route I go with expandable Cloud deployments – the Accelerator instead of the Elastic Compute Cloud… more affordable, and has some other advantages…

Has been about 8-9 mos of research in the making with EC2, and the Joyent stuff looks surprisingly, even better

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