Saturday, March 22, 2008

John Lilly objects to iTunes install options

I disagree with John Lilly. I understand why he objects, but I find that smart move on Apple’s part, not anything other than that. You have the ability to opt out. It’s not a breach of trust. They should use their market share in iTunes to their advantage. FF is in a position where they cannot distribute their browser as easily... but it’s fair. FireFox has done a great job teaming up with Google and distributing FireFox through those channels.

Apple ++
Firefox - -

The browsers are getting very competitive, which is a great thing. The standards baseline is improving and technology is advancing.

But I’d rather not see these two fight -- their market share is still not big enough to fight like this, among themselves. They should still be fighting IE to push standards, not each other for the 'scraps'. I would find that more inspiring.

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