Sunday, June 03, 2007

VirtueDesktops for Mac + Dojo.sql ENCRYPT(?) screencast

This is wild. For those of us awaiting the release of "spaces" in Mac OS X Leopard, in the meantime you can download VirtueDesktops

I caught the use of this during a screencast by Brad Neuberg (, and have been playing around with it on my Mac today. You can see him use Virtue Desktops in this screencast where he efficiently moves to different desktops. IMO, it's a great way to efficiently organize my machine. Thanks for the link, Brad!

Incidentally, the screencast is related to encrypting data with Dojo Offline. If you're interested in that screencast it is here, it's pretty sweet:

On the Google Gears mailing list Brad mentions that enabling transparent encryption and decryption will be in the Dojo Offline port that runs on top of Google Gears in about 2 weeks. Looking forward to seeing that high level lib on top of Gears!

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