Wednesday, June 13, 2007

E4X -- ECMAScript for XML

It is perhaps not critical to understand now, but those who want to take a look at what is perhaps ahead, should consider checking out E4X, or ECMAScript for XML. It has already been implemented in SpiderMonkey and Rhino, and has been standardized in ECMA-357 standard.

E4X places XML objects as first class JavaScript objects -- just like objects, arrays, functions and Regular Expressions (which I for one, need to admittedly get better with).

This is particularly attractive -- from page 11 of the E4X slides:

* Expandos make markup composition a snap!
* Just start appending extra property tiers:

var html = <html/@lt;
html.head.title = "My Page Title";
html.body.@bgcolor = "#e4e4e4";
html.body.form.@name = "myform";
html.body.form.@action = "someurl.jss";
html.body.form.@method = "post";
html.body.form.@onclick = "return somejs();";
html.body.form.input[0] = "";
html.body.form.input[0].@name = "test";

* Results in this XML:

<title>My Page Title</title>
<body bgcolor="#e4e4e4">
<form name="myform" action="someurl.jss"
method="post" onclick="return somejs();">
<input name="test"></input>

...the future is surely bright for open source, browser native, Ajax.


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Mark Holton said...

Hey Chrissy,
Glad you liked. for E4X, there are lots of references, and it's not that popular yet, so no books that I know of. But Flex (adobe) embedded E4X, so you might check that out too. (Hopefully Google Gears will embed E4X too)