Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Browsers are getting faster (see: Google Chrome, see next release of Firefox) with JIT compliation, improved Javascript VM's, etc... but not only that, developers are getting better at writing codez and finding things in browsers... all of it makes the interwebs better: It's good to keep an eye on what is coming down the pike, as they say:

John Resig (jQuery author)... is working on Sizzle... which will become part of jQuery... check out the performance here:

Here's a link to Sizzle on GitHub:

Also, it was bounced around today on the Prototype mailing list that Prototype (traditionally slower than other mainstream libraries when traversing the DOM with CSS Selectors), is mulling over including Sizzle as well. Very nice developments -- check them out.


papperskorg said...

Actually when running the test page you link to, Prototype doesn't seem to be any slower than the other frameworks at all.

Mark Holton said...

I love Prototype more than any other JS library (I'm a Ruby guy, love the syntax)... but you are fooling yourself if you think 1.6 is "not any slower than the other frameworks at all". It is clearly slower. It will probably get better, as the Prototype core team integrates faster selector methods.

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