Monday, June 23, 2008

...great demo (and cross-browser)


...using Canvas... this guy created a photo-table-like system. Be sure to click the "show corners" and resize the images on the fly in the browser. Pretty slick (and thought provoking for you image-philes). Then you can export the image as a .jpg. "makes it easy to create highly customized compositions"... yeah yeah, that's cool and all, but beyond this implementation the demonstration of what 'can be done' in browser-native style is awesome. (amazing it works in ie6, with the 'excanvas.js', which is apparently a Google contribution to the community)

Have fun...

Anyone know of any good books or good tutorials on Canvas?? They seem to be few and far between.
? The books on are few and far between. Post a comment if you know please. Cheers-

Canvas compatibility table for the Canvas Photo Experiment:

ie6+Yes (+ excanvas.js)
ff2+, ff3+


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