Saturday, February 09, 2008

Language-Specific VM's as a Google Gear?

Has Google Gears or Adobe AIR team considered adapters to language-specific VM's? E.g. client side VM's (for instance, like Rubinius) hooking up to the Gears runtime? The idea being that if you could hook up to a VM running on the client, it could be used to interpret the implementation-specific code -- E.g. a Rubinius VM running on someone's machine, when hooked to Gears, could enable Ruby code/ or ERB in a page in the offline cache, to be successfully interpreted on top of Gears. The VM an individual chose to install would be a separate install outside of the Gears runtime, but would need an api to connect to the Gears runtime.

Wanted to throw out the idea and appreciate any response-
holtonma (at) gmail (dot) com

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