Sunday, December 30, 2007

favorite programming books!

...below is a snapshot of some of these I am reading now, some I have read more than once... continue to find all of them very useful.

Just finished an awesome Ruby class at the University of Washington taught by Ryan 'Zenspider' Davis, which was phenomenal, learned a ton. Starting the 3 month Rails class next week at UW... as you can see from the books, trying to surround myself with as much Ruby and Rails information as possible, while also studying the finer points of web application development with RESTful web development, RegEx techniques, high performance techniques from Steve Souders' book (Souders was the YSlow creator while he was the Chief Performance Yahoo!), etc , and as always, lots of Ajax. There are a few books left out of this pic, as they are at work, but they would be the "Javascript: The Definitive Guide", and "Prototype and Scriptaculous In Action".

  • Crane, et al, Ajax in Practice
  • Porteneuve, Prototype and You Never Knew JavaScript Could do This!
  • Friedl, Mastering Regular Expressions
  • Souders, High Performance Web Sites
  • Hunt, Thomas, The Pragmatic Programmer
  • Cederholm, Bulletproof Web Design
  • Resig, Pro JavaScript Techniques
  • Thomas, DHH, Agile Web Development with Rails
  • Thomas, Programming Ruby (aka PixAxe book)
  • Berube, Practical Ruby Gems
  • Crane, Prototype and Scriptaculous In Action
  • Flanagan, Javascript: The Definitive Guide


kangax said...

Prototype and Scriptaculous is very insightful. I just wish it covered more "advanced" topics - "why" rather than "how".

Mark Holton said...

Hey Kangax,
You should check out the Pro JavaScript Design Patterns book... it is deep into the "why" of JS patterns.

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