Sunday, September 23, 2007

JuneBug Wiki

Came across JuneBug Wiki tonight while getting a wiki setup on my Mac for a couple projects I'm working on at home. I couldn't be happier thus far -- JuneBug Wiki is pretty slick.

First of all, it was as easy to install as it should be. If you already have the proper versions of Ruby, SQLite, and gems installed... it took about 1 minute to install JuneBug Wiki. The directions on the JuneBug Wiki site are super simple to understand. After installation, it took about another minute to configure it. The Wiki syntax is more straightforward for web developers as you can utilize most of what you are used to with html, and the non html syntax is relatively intuitive.

I used to use DokuWiki, and frankly always found it to be nice once it was installed, but somewhat annoying to install. Sorry, DokuWiki fanbois, but that was always my feeling. JuneBug wiki is nice, especially if you want a wiki written in Ruby. (JuneBug Wiki is written in Ruby on top of the "Camping" web microframework, not Rails)

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