Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ajax Experience Conference -- plus past presentations link

Was fishing around the Ajax Experience website (wishing I could be there! getting married in less than a month, can't make it), and came across the following link to a wealth of information from the 2006 year -- conference presentations, videos, etc.


The Ajax Experience is one conference I plan to budget for in terms of dollars and vacation days in the 2008 year. Given the list of presenters and attendees, Dion Almaer and the Ajaxians seemingly put together a wealth of knowledge during this 3 day conference. This must be an intense 3 days. Many of the 'Titans of JavaScript, Ajax, and "Web 2.0" are there -- key JavaScript gurus like Brendan Eich, Douglas Crockford... along with library creators and JavaScript experts John Resig, Christopher Portenueve, Joe Walker et al. (and many others) Here is the link to the conference happening in 9 days. There is another conference in October too:


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