Sunday, May 27, 2007

Javascript Compressors

Javascript compression is used by professional web developers to compress JS, and decrease the latency of page loads. Which compression tool do you use? Do you use any that aren't on this list? I'm interested in hearing what other people are using.

Dojo ShrinkSafe: uses Rhino (Javascript engine written in Javascript) to compress without regular expressions

JSMin, The Javascript Minifier

The Javascript Compressor:

(another useful link, not related to compression, but a tool that is helpful in writing Javascript in addition to Firebug: JSLint --


Jacob Munson said...

I've used the Dojo one in the past, with very good success. I'd recommend that one.

Mark Holton said...

It seems like that has a lot of advantages, given that Rhino is a JavaScript interpreter written in JavaScript. I can see the argument that the others utilizing RegEx's could be "brittle".

Thanks for the feedback!