Monday, February 05, 2007

Install Error using Coldfusion MX 7 on Sun Solaris 10 x86

Anyone out there tried to install Enterprise CFMX 7 on Sun Solaris 10? It is a supported OS for Coldfusion 7, but we are encountering errors.

We get to the point where we copy the file (coldfusion-70-sol.bin) from the installation cd to our server, then go to that directory, the start the installation.

It starts running fine, "Launching installer...", but then we receive a:

Solaris/resource/jre/bin/java: Invalid Argument

We attempted to run the version of the JRE on the cd, and we receive the following:

jre/bin/java: cannot execute

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ben said...

x86 is not supported on Solaris, only SPARC POWER/3 processors.

Mark Holton said...

Awesome, thanks, Ben.