Friday, January 20, 2006

AJAX Links

Below are some AJAX related links I have found useful. I hope you can use them in your ColdFusion application development. I plan on publishing some AJAX examples of my own in the near future, as I have putting a lot of time, study, and practice implementing AJAX plus ColdFusion solutions.

AJAX Frameworks:
Prototype Javascript Framework: (effects library that works with Prototype):

Coldfusion and AJAX:
AJAXcfc -

AJAX References and Podcasts:
Ajaxian - to check out Dion and Ben's engaging and insightful podcasts
Pete Freitag's AJAX tutorial using Prototype -


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great links, hand't seen moo.fx before! That's pretty cool.

Rob Gonda said...

Here is an article I wrote for the CFDJ. It covers everything from ajax101 to intermediate. More to come for the ADJ, soon.

mikepk said...

So sorry if this seems a little "spam-like" but I'm trying to generate some discussion on a framework I've developed.

I've tried to simplify the creation of ajax style applications with my YAJAF! javascript library/Ajax framework. I think I've come up with a way to build on the tacit knowledge of GUI programmers, creating an extremely flexible library/framework, and making it all very 'natural' to use for programmers of traditional object oriented languages. I haven't released it yet, and I'm trying to see if there's any interest in doing so. I'm looking for comments to try and gauge interest.

All comments are welcome, including "you fool, what the heck are you thinking, there's X million js libraries out there already!".

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Anonymous said...

Another good link for Ajax is