Friday, October 14, 2005

Google Personalized Page : 1 minute setup tutorial

I have found Google's personalized page to be very useful, and a time saver. Wanted to pass it on to anyone interested along with a very easy to understand 1 minute movie tutorial.

Any topics of interest to you, whether they are from large organizations publishing news feeds or from individuals who syndicate blog content interested to you, can be organized on a single page while they are updated by Google's aggregator almost instantly. This is the beauty of Really Simple Syndication (RSS). If you're interested in Notre Dame football, simply find a feed and plug it in. Interested in golf, search for a feed and plug it in. Interested in photography, find a feed and plug it in. If you're interested in it, chances are there are 5 sites which syndicate related to your interest. Everyday you will receive the latest, greatest when you open up the page from those sites of interest that you define. You receive news from insiders, not just the publishing giants.

The following link below (just click on the picture) is a 1 minute Flash-based tutorial on how to configure your Google page to receive these syndicated feeds. Google has made their page so simple and painlesss. I hope you find it useful, and if you have any questions, just email me (

PS: I will still email one on one with my friends and am always happy to receive and trade emails. That being said, I will not be sending out any more general mass emails. Rather I will be posting the content to my blog. Since it's syndicated via RSS, if you are interested in these topics or what's going on with me, Coldfusion/ Database development, entrepreneurial endeavors, golf, sports, et al.... simply copy and paste this path into the 'Create a Section' text box on the Google page as shown in the tutorial, and you will see the blog postings update on your Google page as they become available:

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