Monday, September 12, 2005

JRun4 Overview Link by Drew Falkman

Linked below is a nice overview of JRun4, Macromedia's J2EE compliant application server. The link contains a high level overview of the technology plus some history written by Macromedia's Drew Falkman.

The detailing of the technology here also provides a great glimpse of a wise move on Macromedia's part to tap into the large section of the server market (small to medium organizations or corporate divisions) by providing a very capable application server across their key platforms that is scalable. As users of ColdFusion, Flash Remoting, etc become proficient in their trade, they also become familiar with the bundled JRun app server and gives Macromedia inroads to expanding this market as well.

As a developer, it feels great to be in effect "partnered" with a company like Macromedia. This is the feeling one gets when you are a consumer of their products. The company enables you to leverage their work in ways that greatly enhance your productivity, while also welcoming choice, working with open-source communites (CFEclipse), etc.


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