Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Adobe/Macromedia vs. Microsoft

Microsoft is behind in search, as far as technology is concerned, they are behind in programming for the web. Macromedia's ColdFusion MX is so far ahead of .NET in terms of ease of use as a programmer.

It is my hope that Microsoft does not win this battle with Adobe/Macromedia over the long term, as Macromedia has shown they can make very user friendly and robust tools for the creating on the web. A healthy competition here would be great.

"Adobe System Inc.'s (ADBE) proposed merger with Macromedia Inc. (MACR) (MACR) appears
to be creating the potential for a new clash with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) (MSFT), CNet
reports. Microsoft's (MSFT) release last week of its Acrylic graphic-design software
and its demonstration of the new Metro document software could start a new turf
war between the two companies. Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia (MACR) and its popular
Flash software creates a big target for Microsoft (MSFT), reports. (MGB) http:

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