Tuesday, January 25, 2005

FireFox Programmer Hired at Google


RavDeep and Rich,

I enjoyed reading your article. However, I personally think the
article's position is off the mark with regards to Google creating
their own browser. Just because something is relatively easy
(creating a browser, or buying out an open-source browser creating company), this doesn't mean that it should be done.

While Google's search engine will definitely clash with many of
Microsoft's markets, Google doesn't want to alienate Firefox users, or
that community. They want to work with FireFox to extend their search
technology's market share. Microsoft is a giant beaurocracy that
slows the pace of Google's innovation. To wait for IE is
innefficient. FireFox, on the other hand, is very agile given their
pool of passionate, open source developers. It also has a tremendous
amount of momentum. For Google to create a browser on their own would
be counterproductive, when they can partner with FireFox and both will

Mark Holton

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Mark Holton said...

...after programming the browser for the last couple of years, I reread this post. I think the general idea of the post is accurate, except for the statement about it being 'easy' to build a browser (or buy an open source browser co.). ...things are certainly moving in the right direction these past couple of years in most cases.